Alden MI Rocks

“Alden Mi Rocks” is not only a Facebook page, but also a new endeavor for Alden Volunteers.  All of our stones have been selected and hand painted by local volunteers. 

We are hiding our stones in the downtown business area in Alden Michigan.  Take a stroll in the fresh northern air, and look for our pretty stones.

If you find one, please take a picture with your stone, post it on Facebook with a comment, and then re-hide it wherever you would like.  Take them to another town or state, someone’s yard, on vacation, etc. and place them where they can be easily found.  It will be fun to see where then end up, who finds them.

Rock finders…If you’ve found a painted stone, and it led you to this group WELCOME!  We hope that you enjoy your little piece of art.  Remember to re-hide it and make someone else’s day.