Welcome to Alden Art Walk 

Planning for the Alden Art Walk began in 2020, and rolled out in June, 2021.  The Art Walk is meant to enhance residents’ and visitors’ appreciation and knowledge of several existing sculptures and sites throughout Alden, and to showcase the art of local sculptures through new sculpture displays. 

An interactive map is available here, or is accessible on your smartphone, via a QR code near each Art Walk display or site.  Information will provide artist information, and/or historical fun facts about each display.

A fun sub-set of the Alden Art Walk is the Dinky Doors. Delve into the imagination of miniaturist Lauren Delaney George as she takes you through the whimsical story of “The Dinkies” – and where they have been discovered in our town of Alden! Be sure to read the story of the Dinkies, and visit each of the eight Dinky Doors located along the Art Walk route.

Have fun looking for Alden MI Rocks – hid throughout town!  Take a found rock with you to another location (be sure to post a picture of you and your rock on the Alden MI Rocks facebook page), or leave your own painted rock somewhere in town for someone else to find.